In the book of faces

There will be approximately 80 students in my class come August, and I've already met some of them. Ah! the facebook era. I'm already anticipating the great memories we will be making.

We all have such different personalities and are from such diverse backgrounds. It will be like a huge melting pot of cultures! MMmmm... Of course, with diversity come differences, but we will learn to cope and put differences aside, accept and embrace each other. Isn't that right?

I've met such great people over the last couple months and can I tell you? I can't wait to formally meet them! It's like B says, "like it or not we're family - we're pretty much stuck with each other for the next four years." Yep 80 something of us, same classes, all day, everyday for four years. Sweet.

Some of us are already like family, M is my homie, he is HI-LA-RI-OUS!! OUT-OF-CONTROL!! and he's super cool to boot. He's the guy I'll sit very far from in class because there's absolutely never a dull moment. Sorry M, I'll see you after class lol. RA and C are such sweethearts! talk about adorable. These gals are besty material and are lots of fun to chat with (since that's all we can do for now). E is a quiet observer, he is very down to earth, easy going and is a joy to talk with. Of all the other "family" members I think he's most like me. Our conversations transcend consciousness (inny).

Having facebook really makes it a lot easier on you when meeting new people. Now I won't be so nervous on orientation day because I would have already been familiar with some of these guys. Ah, maybe it's my shyness talking, but in any case...and in that regard, thanks facebook!

**The identity of the Individuals mentioned are undisclosed so as to preserve privacy. Initials are used. Initials may or may not match the actual initial of person's name**


Cosmetic Dentists Grants Pass said...

I agree that in this age and time, you could learn more from a person through his Facebook page even without even meeting him in person. And it really helps in your case because you have so much to talk about!

Dr. Patrice Smith said...

Yes, facebook does have some good to it - this is one of them. Thanks for stopping by.

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