US News Best Jobs for 2013

And by best I mean occupations that offer a mosaic of employment opportunity, good salary, manageable work-life balance, and job security.

Guess who's #1?!

Yep! Sure feels good to know I chose a profession that has the right mix of components.

See the full list of best jobs here: Money- US News

D3 first semester round up

Based on my previous post, clearly there was no time to take much pics of any work I did this semester. It crossed my mind several times but when I thought about the time it would take to de- glove, take pics and don gloves again I quickly changed my mind. Time is money, or in my case graduation :)

Here are a FEW things I was able to capture from this semester:

dentoform preps/competencies, community service, Oral surgery...

Research presentation and some clinical work

community service, more preps and halloween!

One For The History Books

Phew! First semester of D3 year is finally officially over and it was definitely one for the history books. This marked my most challenging semester in dental school to date. With 7 classes, CLINICALS, my numerous other on and off campus responsibilities, CLINICALS, what's left of my life outside of dental school, and CLINICALS , I was in a tailspin from start to finish.

What made it challenging was the addition of clinicals to the schedule. From seeing sometimes several patients per day, running around in the clinics, chasing professors for signatures, consultations and follow-ups all while still carrying a full course load, left me totally spent at the end of the day.

On the bright side however, I'm excited to finally be seeing patients and doing some dentistry!!

See you next semester!
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