Green Thumb

Today is one of those days when you sit in a hammock under the shade and take in nature and all it has to offer. The beautiful skyline, the birds chirping their sweet melody, the scents and beauty of flowers. I've had a couple of those days since the start of Spring. It's one of those days that led me to do something that I'm sure no one my age ever does. The result: it turns out I have a green thumb!

 < from my side garden: a beautiful pink rose>

< from my front garden: purple star gazer lily>

< from my side garden: beautiful orange flower >

< don't know what this is but I'm sure it'll turn out beautiful >

That was my flower garden. What do you think? but I'm not done yet! I also planted some vegetables.

< from my side garden: not ripe yet but I count 5 luscious tomatoes >

< from my side garden: green beans! can't wait to pick them >

This has been my little summer project. Who would've thought gardening would've been this fun? Actually, the results are more fun than the gardening process. As with everything else - once you put the required work in the results are sure to follow, or as  I like to say: you reap what you sow (no pun intended).


Cate said...

gorgeous! also, i'd definitely be interested in guest posting

Badixcai said...


annie said...

Admire to your green thumb,so pretty; it will turn out a fruitful year.

Dr. Patrice Smith said...

:) Thank youuu!

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