Burn calories, not electricity

Take the darn Stairs!!

I've been slacking on my workout routine lately. Remember this post, when I ran all of 2 miles and almost passed out? that was me finding that rhythm again, and I was doing just fine until the lazy bug came out and bit me.
However, not to worry. Thanks to NYC's commisioner and the department of health, in almost every building that I enter I'm greeted with a little green sign strategically placed near elevators and escalators promoting burning calories and taking the stairs rather than burning electricity and harming the environment.
It almost makes you feel guilty, and it works because I find myself taking the stairs more and more... that is, if it's no more than four or five flights. So, the next time you push an elevator button waiting for its arrival, just remember taking the stairs helps to burn calories, while the environment can be saved.

Walking up the stairs just 2 minutes a day helps prevent weight gain. It also helps the environment.


Tiffany said...

my house has stairs i'm forced to take at least 30 times a day. if it had an elevator though, i swear i'd use it.

annie said...

I know this long time ago, but so hard to keep climbing staircase, especially after a day's hard work....oops! no excuse... i will try again, thanks for reminding :)

Dr. Patrice Smith said...

haha I know it's hard, esp. in this day and age but it's what's good for us.

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