Commitment Issues & Furniture craziness

Just so you know and for lack of a better post, I have 13 days until the big move and 29 until the BIG day! I'm uber excited! So excited that I have changed my furniture selection for my new apartment a total of FOUR times thus far. The themes I have in my head changes the longer  I wait.
First It was all traditional - mahogany cradle bed, matching dressing table, night stands and dining table, earth tone sofa, loveseat and armchair; everything all matchy and monotone. It took me all of 1 week to realize that the 22 years of living under my mother's roof  had rubbed off and in. This arrangement had to be changed immediately! talk about boring. It kinda looked something like this:

 <yya! totally boring and grandmother-ish>

A call to the furniture store to cancel the order was all that took. Phew! saved myself from total doom and premature...oldness? By this time I'm troubleshooting and watching HGTV. David Bromstad, host of colorsplash quickly became my new best friend and I was totally inspired to go all bright bubbly colors and mix & match; but that was AFTER another change of heart. The monotone earth tones bruised me so deeply that I wanted to go completely opposite, black and white opposite. It took me all of 3 weeks to realize it this time... I suppose because it was the total opposite of the household and I felt a long coming rebellion. This look was quite pricey though, and all the accessorizing to not make the place look totally drab would totally break the bank. Not only that but if you know me you'll know I sometimes like to eat dinner on the couch and I'd be damned if I got Ragu on all the luxury.

 <It don't matter if you're black or white...but geesh! >

Now back to David Bromstad and his evil flurry of colors. This would have actually been a pretty chic look, except I have commitment issues and knew I'd get tired of all the bright cheery colors. Like, what are youuu so happy about? Anyway it would have looked liked this:

 < look at it long enough at it'll slowly start to resemble vomit *gag>

Yeah, commitment issues. I finally decided that I liked all these variations and maybe, just maybe I could find a way to blend them all into one big comfy, chic and stylish apartment. If I get tired of all the color, there'd be sultry earth tones to tone it down and when I feel like jazzing it up we'll have those bright cheery colors. When I feel to be different and edgy...yeah I guess that'll be there too. So what did I finally decide? What will the final product look like?

You'll have to wait until after 13 days to find out kids! =) Or should I stick with one of the above? Make something the fifth and final switch? What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Hey Patrice!
Thanks for stopping by On the Verge and commenting on my guest post. Love your voice. And wise choice on avoiding a couch that's too luxe - I have spilled Ragu MANY a time!

Dr. Patrice Smith said...

haha I know! Thanks for stopping by as well. Appreciated...

annie said...

can't wait to see your final decision; i guess no matter what you choose, the outcome will be a comfortable feeling, remember to post the photo when it's done :)

Dr. Patrice Smith said...

Ahh! me too Annie, I certainly will

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