Revenge is a dish best served with...Novocaine?

Did you hear about the dentist in Poland who extracted all of her ex-boyfriend's teeth because he dumped her??

Olszweski, who was having a tooth ache and needed an extraction consulted his ex-girlfriend who he had recently dumped - and who happens to be a dentist, with the problem. When he woke up from his anesthesia, his mouth was empty!

I say serve him right! lol  As for the dentist, she could face three years in jail and a malpractice suit. Yikes!

Read article here. What do you think?

PS: to my present and future dentists, remain professional at all times. Some nut is not worth all the money you spent on dental school, all this hard work and most definitely not your license.


Enough said....

BUT, after next Wednesday I will no longer be a D2!

The Making of a Three Unit Bridge 1

I worked on making a three unit bridge from tooth #19 through to tooth #21 earlier this semester. Tooth #19 and #21 were prepped for PFM crowns and served as abutments for pontic #20.

1. Impression was taken of the maxillary and mandibular arches, then mounted
2. #19 and #21 were prepped (not pictured)

Mandibular cast  showing #19, Pontic space (#20) and #21

Pontic in place

Pontic in place - #20

Cast of the lower arch with pontic in place

Ellmann Shell was made for fabricating a provisional

Ellmann Shell

Ellmann shell made to fit

Provisional 3-unit bridge

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