Removable Partial Denture Design

Removable Partial Denture - this is sometimes used for patients that are missing some, not all of their teeth (partial), where a fixed prostheses is contraindicated, where cost doesn't allow or just a preference of the patient.

There are different ways to classify an edentulous mouth. The basics are:

Class I (bilateral free ended partially edentulous)
Class II (unilateral free ended partially edentulous)
Class III (unilateral bounded partially edentulous)
Class IV (bilateral bounded anterior partially edentulous), etc 
My design:

Classification: Class II, modification II

I will be making the actual prostheses some time in the future. Stay tuned.

Millions without Dental Care

As future dentists it is important that we pay attention to the trend that's observed in this video. America is facing some tough challenges at present. It is of paramount importance that we understand how the need for dental care and dental literacy fits into the scheme of everyday life. The dental profession, while a moving target, must continue to maintain its prominence in the life of everyday citizens; however, as history has shown, the prominence of this profession is as good as our ability to convey its importance. Failure to do so can only seek to exacerbate some of the problems as observed in this piece, which doesn't bode well for our society.  The work hasn't even begun because afterall the content of this video is in the United States and not a third world country.

The Shoppe Has Been Stocked!

New items and new designs have made it to The Stu-DENT Shoppe. Here's a preview:

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iPhone 3G case (if anyone still rocks this)

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There's so much more. Just go to The Shoppe and look around, might make the perfect gift for a classmate, friend or someone you know in the dental field. 
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