DAT Materials Raffle: See who won!

Due to the volume of requests for the DAT materials I had up for grabs I decided to do a raffle to choose who to give the materials to (to be fair to everyone).

Congrats to those who won!! Contact me with your shipping information so that you can get these materials asap. For everyone else, better luck next time.

Up for Grabs: DAT Materials

Whew! It seems every year it gets more and more competitive to get into Dental School (possibly any other professional school for that matter). My inbox is flooded with emails asking for little tips, advice, personal statement help, DAT testing strategies, application guidelines, etc. You guys are on point! and I'm happy to help, as always.

I was going through some books the other day and came across my DAT preparation materials (yes, I still have them) and decided that it would be nice to give them away to people who actually need and have use for them. So here you go, all my DAT prep. materials are up for grabs.

{Kaplan DAT Lesson Book}
{Kaplan DAT Review Notes with Study sheets and dry erase paper}
{Kaplan DAT Study guide- in color}

{The infamous DAT Destroyer! April 2008 version}
Just send an email to: Patrice@stu-dentdiaries.com (you can use the "Contact Me" tab above) with your preference. For the most part I'll give them away on a first come first served basis. If more than one person wants the same book I'll have to put your names in a hat and choose randomly, or something to that effect.
PS You will have to cover shipping, I'm not ballin' yet! lol

Act Quickly!

Perpetual Grind

The semester has started off pretty well. Momentum on point, stress level at an all time low - the forecast is looking good (for now) but I already feel all the work creeping up.

The courses that will have me having sleepless nights this semester:
Medical Physiology
General/Oral Histology
Occlusion II
Oral Diagnosis
Restorative Operative Dentistry
Removable Prosthodontics
Dental Materials

You know I'll be on that perpetual grind. Wish me luck anyway!

Follow through or play catch-up

Every semester comes with new challenges. Hey, this is nothing new, but still I must remind myself. I'm now in second semester of my D1 year and taking seven courses. While this is not my first attempt at taking seven courses, i am forever reminded of the challenges that comes with this if I am not proactive in my actions. I remember the last time I took 7 classes. it was a struggle because I allowed myself to play catch-up in at least 3 of those courses because in the beginning of the semester I took them for granted.Though an arduous task, I did managed to complete all of my course work with B's or better. It wasn't easy as I had to dig myself out of the ditch I put myself in by performing in a sub-par manner on my first examinations. I did not take full ownership of what I was suppose to do from the beginning. Fast-forwarding some two years later, here I am taking 7 courses again. The mistakes of the past I now use as a spring board for my current studies. Now, I am taking nothing for granted because I realize that if I don't apply myself as I should, I will forever be playing catch-up.
History has a way of repeating itself ! yet, I've come to realize that this can only happen if I allow it to, which I do not intend on doing. My words to myself are to follow through and be proactive, rather than fall through and play catch-up. Food for thought!

Reducing Fluoride Levels In Drinking Water?

The U.S has come very far in incorporating fluoride into the drinking water supplies making it part of the daily nutritional intake. This process has been credited for the decrease in the occurrence of tooth decay. On January 7, 2011 however an announcement was made by officials from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lowering the recommended intake of fluoride in water to 0.7 milligrams per liter, less than the current range of 0.7-1.2 mg/L. See related article here. Though it is said that the water fluoridation process has decreased the occurrence of tooth decay, it has also increased the occurrence of dental fluorosis in young children - a condition where enamel forming cells are damaged causing the tooth's enamel to become porous resulting in a mottled, white/brown appearance.

The proposed recommended intake is exactly what it is, a proposition. More research will have to be done to find out just how much fluoride we actually are supposed to be consuming via drinking water.
Am I the only one that thought this issue was totally resolved by the dental and scientific community?

Perspective: first semester transition to second (D1)

In conversation with a former professor of mine he reminded me that "continuity enhances growth." As I mull on that statement, I think of the upcoming semester (S2-D1). One thing that struck me is that having the right mental mindset in anticipation of the course load ahead is a major attribute as I transition from semester 1- D1 to semester 2-D1. Simply put, going from 4 courses in S1-D1 to 7 courses in S2-D1 warrants an acknowledgment of a working transitional plan, coupled with adopting a prize fighter, readiness attitude. After all, this will help solidify the statement made by my professor.

Hopefully everyone has formulated their transitional plan for this semester. If not, you better get on it!
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