Perspective: first semester transition to second (D1)

In conversation with a former professor of mine he reminded me that "continuity enhances growth." As I mull on that statement, I think of the upcoming semester (S2-D1). One thing that struck me is that having the right mental mindset in anticipation of the course load ahead is a major attribute as I transition from semester 1- D1 to semester 2-D1. Simply put, going from 4 courses in S1-D1 to 7 courses in S2-D1 warrants an acknowledgment of a working transitional plan, coupled with adopting a prize fighter, readiness attitude. After all, this will help solidify the statement made by my professor.

Hopefully everyone has formulated their transitional plan for this semester. If not, you better get on it!


Anonymous said...

You better believe it, I already did.

Senor T said...

You're absolutely correct about a transitional plan.... It helps to shape your outlook.

Dr. Patrice Smith said...

For sure!

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