Follow through or play catch-up

Every semester comes with new challenges. Hey, this is nothing new, but still I must remind myself. I'm now in second semester of my D1 year and taking seven courses. While this is not my first attempt at taking seven courses, i am forever reminded of the challenges that comes with this if I am not proactive in my actions. I remember the last time I took 7 classes. it was a struggle because I allowed myself to play catch-up in at least 3 of those courses because in the beginning of the semester I took them for granted.Though an arduous task, I did managed to complete all of my course work with B's or better. It wasn't easy as I had to dig myself out of the ditch I put myself in by performing in a sub-par manner on my first examinations. I did not take full ownership of what I was suppose to do from the beginning. Fast-forwarding some two years later, here I am taking 7 courses again. The mistakes of the past I now use as a spring board for my current studies. Now, I am taking nothing for granted because I realize that if I don't apply myself as I should, I will forever be playing catch-up.
History has a way of repeating itself ! yet, I've come to realize that this can only happen if I allow it to, which I do not intend on doing. My words to myself are to follow through and be proactive, rather than fall through and play catch-up. Food for thought!


Francois said...

Stick with your game plan Patrice.

skeetos07 said...

I must admit, I am a procrastinator at times. I am working on improving on this trait though. Thanks for reminding me Patrice.

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