Do or Die D1, Welcomes D2!

  Scrubs are in, It's official! The do or die D1 year is over - I'm a D2!! 
Student Doctor Patrice S. in the building!

Double, Double Toil and Trouble

This has been one long and tortuous semester. It just will not end! 

I find this picture appropriately fitting at this particularly moment as I waste away another perfectly good weekend studying. At this point in the semester I'm dwindling and it's taking extra extra umph to get over the finish line; BUT only three more finals to go until it's hasta la vista D1year! Bitter-sweet I tell you - Sweet because I'll officially be a whole year closer to my goal & bitter because up means double the toil and trouble.

Let's hope there are no witches waiting for me on the other side with their fires a burn and cauldrons a bubble *shudders (figuratively speaking, of course).

Battle Scars and All

There was a period when I didn't mind being asked this question. It could be a friendly gesture, a conversation starter or being genuinely concerned. But, after a while it gets old...and irritating. What do you mean if I'm tired? I'm a Dental student!  Oh, and it's worse when your own classmates ask. Last time I checked buddy, you and I had the same course load. Why aren't YOU tired?!

One another note, it's finals period. That period when we all burn the mid night oil in hopes of meeting our semester's goals of all A's, being every professor's favorite, break a class record, climb to the top of the Dean's list and graduate summa cum laude - wait, that's undergrad. Nevermind.

Fast forward to present moment: 6:44 am, sleep deprived, crouched over mounds of books and study sheets while the computer silently protests about being over-worked. I'm only 76 hrs 14mins and 9 seconds away from what's about to be one of the toughest weeks in the entire history of my dental school career; all 10 months, 10 lbs, 4 grey hairs and $62,000 of it. Next week is gonna be muddy! Like Yokozuna versus Verne Troyer in a sumo ring, muddy. But I have full confidence that the little guy will prevail and come out victorious, battle scars and all.

After the next 2 weeks I'll be 1/7th a dentist!! (including residency). Baby steps people, baby steps.

PS If you like the pic above get it on a T-shirt, coffee mug, or even a key chain at the Stu_DENT Shoppe. Lots more where that came from.

DDS Flow

The next three weeks are about to be ca-ra-zy! It's almost the end of the semester which translates to grind time. A couple of my classmates like to refer to this as the #ddsflow - like, "man! it's so nice out whyyy do I have to be stuck in the library?! Oh Well #ddsflow," or " whoa! did u see our final exam schedule?! It's about to go down! Serious #ddsflow." I guess we just figured it's a nifty way of saying we have to study without feeling too stressed about it while still keeping our goal in check. It works.
So, we pretty much have one more regular exam in Physiology (Renal) before we dive neck-deep into the gazillion amount of info accumulated for our 7 classes...7!

Yep, it's going down! Serious #ddsflow
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