Up for Grabs: DAT Materials

Whew! It seems every year it gets more and more competitive to get into Dental School (possibly any other professional school for that matter). My inbox is flooded with emails asking for little tips, advice, personal statement help, DAT testing strategies, application guidelines, etc. You guys are on point! and I'm happy to help, as always.

I was going through some books the other day and came across my DAT preparation materials (yes, I still have them) and decided that it would be nice to give them away to people who actually need and have use for them. So here you go, all my DAT prep. materials are up for grabs.

{Kaplan DAT Lesson Book}
{Kaplan DAT Review Notes with Study sheets and dry erase paper}
{Kaplan DAT Study guide- in color}

{The infamous DAT Destroyer! April 2008 version}
Just send an email to: Patrice@stu-dentdiaries.com (you can use the "Contact Me" tab above) with your preference. For the most part I'll give them away on a first come first served basis. If more than one person wants the same book I'll have to put your names in a hat and choose randomly, or something to that effect.
PS You will have to cover shipping, I'm not ballin' yet! lol

Act Quickly!


Francois said...

I commend you for your act of unselfishness Patrice. Kudos to you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all the information you provide! You have no idea, you've been such a life saver :) But i do want to ask where would i go about purchasing these books? I'd go ahead and go for the material grab but I'm far off from finish college lol but would help me in the long run to know where to buy them. Thanks you!

Dr. Patrice Smith said...

Francois, I do my best to help in an little way I can.
Anon, Some of these books are listed under the "DAT Materials" tab on the blog. However I will do a post soon on DAT materials. Stay tuned.

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