Listerine 21 day challenge

Did you know that brushing alone can leave up to 75%  of your mouth untouched causing bacteria to thrive? Listerine has teamed up with Oral Health America to donate to them $6.40 for each person who signs up for the 21 day challenge. Since it takes about 3 weeks to form a habit, the challenge is for you to start using mouthwash twice per day for 21 days. The Listerine brand will then donate to Oral Health America's Smiles Across America Program to help meet their goal of reaching 210,000 children in need of dental care.

And if keeping your mouth healthy while donating to a worthy cause didn't sound good enough, they are offering a coupon for Listerine when you sign up. Get more info on Listerine's facebook page then head over to sign up for the challenge here.

Giving Kids a Smile :)

The American Dental Association (ADA) began the Give Kids a Smile Program in 2003 as a way for members to join with others in the community to provide dental services to underserved children. This has become an annual event in dental schools across America. Each year, approximately 450,000 children benefit from the efforts of the dental students, dentists and other team members who volunteer their time

This year, my school - Howard University hosted the Give Kids a Smile Day on February 4th. Approximately 200 children from the Bruce Monroe Elementary School was treated. For some kids, it was their first visit to the dentist and we all made sure their visit was enjoyable! It was an exciting day giving back to the community and making sure the kiddies had wonderful, bright, healthy smiles.

Howard University College of Dentistry students and faculty, DC Dental Society volunteers
and community representatives are about to Give Kids A Smile Feb. 1, 2013.

                  Photo by Dr. Chester Stein

Sources: GKAS Partnership Thrives at Howard U.
Helping Children Through GKAS

Dental goodies on Pinterest

I am low key addicted to Pinterest. From the DIYs to fashion to fitness and all the dental goodness I have managed to find a way to make good use of my study breaks waste time when I am supposed to be studying.

I even have a "Dental Diary" board for all things dental. I couldn't resist. Take a look and follow if you like.

7 Hours of Study Tunes to get Through Studying!

Awesome gift for a dentist friend!


Dental Humor

Click on any of the pics above to check out the entire board.

Same Book, Different Page...

I started the second semester of my third year a couple weeks ago. I am really excited to be moving right along with my dental school career. Before You know it it'll be graduation and I'll be your friendly neighborhood dentist (smile).
The pace this semester has slowed down tremendously, in terms of classes. I still have the second half of Pharmacology to get through which is probably my most challenging course. Besides that nuisance of a class, all my energy will be geared towards fulfilling my clinical requirements for the Junior year and begin the said for the senior year.

This whole process has truly been the ride of my life - with highs, lows and some emotions I don't know how to even begin describing. In retrospect, I am proud to have come this far and I am filled with glee at the prospects to come.

Thanks to all my readers for sticking with me, even through times when blogging became an after thought, and thank you soo much for all your wonderful emails of inspiration and praise.

Here's to semester 6 and a happy 2013!
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