Realistic Dental Robot (Manikin)!!

Wow! A life-like dental training robot that simulates the actions of an actual patient. This is incredible - a robot that blinks, moves it's tongue, moves it's head, chokes, coughs, sneezes, is incapable of keeping it's mouth open for too long and recognizes speech - like a real person.


After the check-up and work is finished on the manikin, it is not only capable of storing and analyzing each 
student's performance, but able to provide feedback through a computer link.

I must admit, though amazingly awesome, it is kind of creepy! I wonder when it will be available in the US...

Productive Weekend ✔

I had a very busy and productive weekend! As Vice President of the Student National Dental Association (SNDA) - Howard University chapter for the 2011-2012 academic year, I had the opportunity to attend the 39th annual  Convention in Baltimore, MD. The SNDA is an auxillary of the National Dental Association (NDA) and aims to promote and encourage the increase of minority enrollment and retention in dental schools. 

I had a great time at the convention! It afforded great networking opportunities as I had the honor of meeting some very important people as well as fellow students from dental schools across America. We came together, shared ideas and experiences, formed new committees, etc. It was awesome! I was also able to stock up on instruments at very reduced rates, as well as snag some really cool freebies! and who doesn't like cheap and free? 
Overall it was a totally enriching experience and I took away lots of information to share with my chapter.

♪ All I do is win win win...♪

Pedo: Stainless Steel Crown

The stainless steel crown/restoration is indicated for primary and young permanent teeth with multiple carious surfaces. It's also indicated for restoration of primary teeth after pulpotomy or pulpectomy procedures, class 2 lesions where the caries extend beyond the anatomic line angles, hereditary anomalies, etc.

After administering local anesthesia, placing rubber dam and removing caries, it's then time for crown preparation. 

Occlusal reduction by 1-1.5mm using football diamond bur or 169 L tapered fissure bur
Proximal reduction using 169 L tapered fissure bur or thin tapered diamond bur
Buccal and Lingual reduction using same burs limited to occlusal 1/3rd

Select SS Crown, ensure proper fit, check margins for cervical adaptation extending 1mm subgingivally.

Crimp/contour the crown, cement it and voila!

Work, Play and Giving Back

Only a couple days left before the summer semester ends and us dental students get a break to have some fun, relax and revamp for the Fall. I couldn't be more excited for the break but I have finals to take care of before that can happen. Summer is a bad bad time for school; all the sun, sales, BBQs and pool parties are a huge distraction!

I Love Giving Back!
There was a community service event this morning that my school participated in (one of PLENTY). If you know anything about Howard University, you will know that we are big on giving back to the community and helping the disenfranchised. Here goes another distraction, for I absolutely love these events and try to make it to as many as possible. The look of gratitude on the faces that I am able to help and just knowing that I am making a difference and having an impact on someone's life makes me happy. Anyway, distraction: because I could or should have been studying for my finals since I haven't cracked a book all week but instead I was doing this:


Oral cancer Screening - Lymph node check
Oral cancer Screening: Bilateral Palpation


Horse back riding!

Snow Cone and Cotton Candy. Being a big kid. STUDY
I have been slacking all week. Now it's time to get down to business. Catch you guys next week.

Happy Weekend!

Class III

The last graded exercise I had was to do a class II amalgam prep on tooth #18 - I passed. Since then I have been practicing class III and V preps which are, believe it or not, not as easy as they appear. The next graded exercise will be a Class III composite prep on tooth #8.

Practice makes perfect! DL #8

Along with the Class III composite prep, I also have to prepare another Class II amalgam prep on tooth #12.

DO #12

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