Another One Please?

I'm still high off memorial day weekend. It was too much fun! I had a blast with the family and close friends in no place other than the BIG APPLE! But all things good must come to an end...
Had my first graded exercise at the top of the hour this morning. We had to make a cavity prep. for amalgam on tooth #30. Let's hope I did well and that my weekend didn't have my hand-eye coordination out of whack. 

I would gladly take another weekend like that one. How was your weekend?

Drill Baby Drill!

...and I'm not talking about Petroleum. 

We begin the practical portion of Restorative Operative Dentistry in the Simulation labs this week <<fun>>. So far we're being taught the different instruments and burs used in Operative dentistry, which ones cut what type of cavity preparations and most importantly, HOW to actually cut them.

Drilling & Filling

I say I look official!


A little humor for all the anti-dentites out there.

The Other Side of Sanity

Pretty funny but, disorder? This is my everyday life!
This right here folks, is the other side of sanity.

Just Breathe

I'm a lover of nature and now that school is out for a bit I finally got to venture out and do a little hiking.

Great Falls Trail, VA

The beginning of the trail
Follow me down.

Found a little stream that beats any bottled water

Stairs! great form of exercise

Hey camera!

More stairs. Taking full advantage

Climbing to the top

At the top - complete serenity.

At the top. Potomac River in the background

Playing with a caterpillar!

It was a great day out. The temperature was just right and I was feeling a bit adventurous. A good way to get away from a busy lifestyle, be at one with nature and just breathe. 

To Sum It Up

Every semester sucks while your in it until it's all over and you think, hmm that wasn't so bad afterall.
There were so many classes that I didn't care for this past semester, like Histology. I wish to never see another Histo slide for as long as I live, it was simply tortuous. Physiology wasn't bad. It started off great, took a nose dive around mid-semester and came right back up flying - talk about a roller coaster ride. Dental Materials was all a matter of knowing the different materials used in Dentistry. You would think this would've been an easy class but it was on my most feared list because of all the things I heard about it from upperclassmen. However, it turned out to be a-okay, though it was A LOT of studying for the amount of credits. My other four classes... big yawn.  There were 2 exams for the entire semester which means no room to "mess up" but studying for those courses beat studying for Histo anyday.
At the end of the day even though I disliked this semester to the core I did pretty well in my classes and that's all that matters, next!
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