Christmas has come and gone, New Year's is a day away and I feel like I'm on a year long vacation.

I know I'll get nasty stares for this, maybe a couple neck snaps and a few "uh-Uuhhh's" but...

I miss school!

I really only needed a week off, just to catch up on some sleep, have a little fun, spend time with the family and to be a little carefree. The only other thing that would keep me from not thinking about school would be to have gone to a foreign country with lots of sun and white sand beaches


...which I clearly didn't do since I was up to my knees in snow the other day. I pretty much have a love-hate relationship with NYC. More love than hate though.

So I'm spending another relaxing day at home today (until it's time to ring in the New Year, of course) and can't help but think of all the stuff I'd rather be complaining..err learning about this semester. I've just about had enough of this break. I've had enough of the carefree lifestyle for now. I'm ready to get back to business!



Abigail said...

You miss school? definitely getting a nasty stare lol

Dane said...

Two thumbs up for your dedication, but honestly, i'm enjoooying the time off. Nasty stare :P

Francois said...

Have fun young lady, school will resume soon. I like how you turned your theme into art. Well done

Char Paul said...

It's always inspiring when another student is all fired up to get back into their studies ~:-)

Dr. Patrice Smith said...

haha! I knew I would get those looks. I'll try to enjoy what's left of the break.
PSI, I'm glad you get me :)

Anonymous said...

WOW You miss school. Can't say the same about myself but I definitely wish you the best in this new year.

Look forward to hearing from you


Tashrin from Toronto, Canada

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