Exciting News!

So I'm at home yesterday... I made dinner, took a shower and got settled to start my study routine. Right as I was about to start I received a phone call from my mom, "Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh" she's screaming. At first I'm terrified, then she starts to say "I'm soo proud" then I'm excited. "What is it?" I say. Turns out...

I passed my National Boards!!!!!!!!

She received that wonderful piece of paper in the mail when she got home from work. Such exciting times! Needless to say, no studying was done yesterday. 

Happy Happy Happy!!

I've been featured!

I'm so happy to be featured in OnlineColleges.com's Top 50 Blogs for College Students. I'm happy I can be a great resource for those looking for information on pursuing a career in health care, particularly dentistry, and I'm happy I can give a glimpse into the life of a dental student.

Here's the top 50 list. Find me under Education. There are so many other cool blogs out there too!

Just call me Super Woman

Like I said - it's a busy semester! Somewhere between my 13 classes, labs, studying for the National Boards, my other academic extracurricular activities, I found time to do a little work on my research project (that I did the bulk of last summer) and present it at the American Association for Dental Research (AADR), this weekend.

Me, presenting my research at the American Association for Dental Research (AADR) annual meeting this weekend.

Shifting Focus

I finally took the boards and I'm half way through a very busy semester. I'm now awaiting my scores but in the meantime I can go back to life as it was, before the stress of studying and sitting the National Boards.
It was a pretty grueling couple of months, trying to manage a million and one classes and labs, going home beat and still mustering some gusto to go through a couple dental decks, a couple pages in the First Aid or a practice exam. I pray all my hard work paid off.

The exciting news is... I get to focus a little bit more on blogging! I haven't been documenting (taking pictures) of my lab projects since my last post but I can't wait to start again.

Hope you guys are having a great semester. Congrats to those who sat and passed the boards, and good luck to those who have yet to take them!


Wow! It has been about a month since I last posted. This semester has been really really hectic plus I have been arduously preparing for the National board exams. I'll take them soon so as soon as that is over with I'll start posting again.

Thanks for your patience, and send up a word of prayer for me for the boards!

Enjoy your Spring Break!
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