Business Mode, Road Rage and Facebook Robbery

Phew! Like I said in my last post, I had a busy week ahead. Last week I was M.I.A due to my move from the Big Apple, getting everything set up around my apartment and getting everything straightened out for the start of the school year. Last week wore me out! but now that all that is out of the way it's now time to get myself in business mode.

School begins in approximately 1 week. I'm settled and ready for the rough road ahead. As reality starts to set in, I find myself praying for patience and understanding. Patience - to deal with the different personalities I am yet to encounter and for the road rage I've developed since I've moved. People in Maryland drive like it's Sunday everyday or like they're on their way to a funeral. Seriously! the last time I drove 30-40mph was during my driving test and that was eons ago. And Understanding to, of course, grasp the gazillion information that will soon be thrown at me (God help me).

I know I promised to post pics of the new apartment but I had a change of heart (sorry) after watching CNN the other night and caught news of a  facebook robbery. Did you hear about it? This lady, Keri McMullen from Indiana posted a simple status update stating that she and her hubby would be going out that night to a local bar. Apparently, one of her facebook "friends" took her not being home as an opportunity to break in and rob her apartment. Yes, I did say her facebook "friend." Lucky for her, she had installed cameras in the apartment and so the robbers (at least the one on her "friend" list on facebook) was caught. So you see, I have to now be very careful of what I reveal on the net. The last thing I need is someone busting in on me, or something. You can find news here if you missed it: Facebook Robbery.

As a heads up for those who enjoy my ramblings and ridiculousness, once schools starts I will be in business mode. That means that this page will become "serious" again. But not to worry, I will try to drop in some craziness once in a while and you can always go to Patrice's Corner for more of me, go shopping or enjoy some discounts, ok?


annie said...

May God be with you always, take care:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Patrice..I have a new blog insightsandbellylaughs is now used for an art promo blog...Ive missed being around but had a lot to deal Im glad to be the art..that piece was already sold a while ago...but I only have prints of it...definitely not the same thing...I will be putting up some new prints on my Etsy shop...and for the future ...starting next week...others work will be posted as well and some will be for sale...That is awful about the FB robbery..Ive heard of such things...Wow I didnt know you were in too Long island to be exact...Talk to ya soon..!

Raquel said...

Nooo, why would you leave NY?! ;) Just kidding. Good luck on your move and school! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Dr. Patrice Smith said...

Thank you Annie and Raquel! Raquel, plz visit more often :)
Robin, it sucks that painting was sold, I absolutely love it! Wow, we were right in each other's backyards all this time! Whadya know!

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