Holy Heat-Happy?!

I don't eat much and I'm not high maintenance (at all). Thank God for that because I will be needing to save the money from those expenses for the hair salon. I thought New York was expensive! Would you believe it costs $75 for a perm and $35 for a wash and set at the Dominicans in D.C? That is WITHOUT a deep conditioner and WITHOUT the tip. The cost of getting my hair doubled at the very point in my life where I'm as broke as a joke.

Anyway, the hair was all frizzy and the funk was becoming unbearable so I decided to venture out in the D.C area to find me a Dominican hair salon. I found Giovani's off of Adam's Mill Rd. in the Adam's Morgan area. First impression when I walked through the door was hmm it's clean, neat, small...and the people are friendly. So I sat in the chair and got my perm, got the really big rollers and was placed under a dryer in a corner that was hotter than a branding fork ( I swear). I had to strip down to my tank top and fan myself with some dusty magazine, just to make it through the torture-chamber.  I never knew I would be happy about parking rules, but I had to get up from the dryer several times to go move my car as the surrounding area has strict 1hr parking rules (thank God for small mercies!). I got crazy stares by walking around in the street with a head full of jumbo rollers, eh whatever.

70 mins. later I was removed from the torture-chamber and got my blow-out, which was good. Soon my hair was bone straight with a nice bounce (isn't that what a perm does?). So I think I'm done and I start to get up, and holy heat-happy! the stylist reaches for the flat-iron. Whaat? Now why on earth would my hair need to be flat-ironed after a perm, surviving the torture-chamber with jumbo rollers AND a blow-out?! I didn't get this heat-happy stylist's logic at all, but hell for $75 PLUS tip I should have made her iron the damn thing.

All in all my hair looked great, felt great and most importantly smelled great - but wait, doesn't it always after my $40 perm in New York? This $75 hair-do thing is so unnecessary.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, $75 for a perm is ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

Do you have a boyfriend? :)

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