I was up by the crack of dawn on Sunday morning all ready and excited for my debut in a new city. Packed up my 16 yr old car "old faithful" with all my stuff and I was ready to hit the road - for good. Traffic flowed smoothly on the I-95 and I whisked my way into D dot C dot 4hrs, 250 miles and an empty gas tank later, I arrived at my new home - beat - but safe, sound, clean, dry and in one piece.

So, I've been in my new town a total of 2 days and I've already gotten lost like a dozen times! I have no sense of direction; couple that with night time and you've got yourself a very lost girl. Lucky for me I have a little thing called common sense and I somehow always seem to find my way back home, albeit it takes me an hour or 2 to find somewhere that looks familiar.
I've been keeping myself busy by shopping and...shopping, and decorating.
It should get a little more exciting here when the rest of the fam (classmates) arrive. Until then, you're stuck with my adventure-less, lost stories.


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