Fumes & Starbucks

It's Thursday morning and Biochemistry is at the top of the hour. I have approximately 5 minutes before classes start and wanted to give a quick update.
Dental School is in full effect and it is starting to feel like I have been handed a ticket and a warm welcome to zombie land. Since my classes now start at 8am everyday, I now have to get up at 6am, which, if you know me NEVER happens. Two days in and I'm already running on pure fumes and Starbucks. Starbucks is soo good! I'm not so sure I can keep up with the Starbucks-every-morning lifestyle though, being the poor student that I am and all, but I digress.
My schedule is crazy (but not as crazy as it can/will get). I have classes from 8am to 5pm EVERYDAY and sometimes have to stay back in the anatomy lab to finish up work that was not completed in the allotted class time, and if that's not enough, I THEN have to turn around and study! GOL-LY!
So you see, I may need to change my name to Ms. blog-a-little from now on. My posts will be brief, like the one today. Class is about to start...


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