Stu-Dent Diaries In the Neighborhood

I recently came across an article on the world wide web featuring my little corner on the internet: my blog. It hales all the way from Austin, Texas entitled How to Experience Dental School Vicariously, you can read article here. It's a blog for a dental practice and intended to ease patient's nervousness about getting dental procedures done. It points to my blog as an example to show the training that us dentists go through in an attempt to further one's knowledge and appreciation for dental care.

When I started my blog some six years ago, my only intention was to help individuals that faced similar challenges in applying to dental school. I was the first in my family to attend dental school, or any field in healthcare for that matter. Because of this, I had to do and research everything about going to dental school on my own - with no help or advice from anyone. It was quite a task. I thought that surely if I was in that situation then others may be in it too - and the stu-dentdiaries blog was born.

Throughout the years I chronicled the steps I took in preparing to apply and applying to dental school, getting accepted to dental school, my journey through dental school, and now Orthodontics residency.

I did it because writing (my thoughts down) is a hobby and I genuinely wanted to help those who were as confused and flustered as I was. I believe I have accomplished (and still accomplishing) my task.

I get a little embarrassed when people I go to school or attend conferences or different networking events with, recognize me and ask if i'm "that girl from the stu-dentdiaries blog." Most times they tell me that it helped them, and for that I am exceedingly glad.

I will continue to do what I do in my little corner on the www. And, as usual don't hesitate to email me with questions or concerns.


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