Minnesota Dentist Walter Palmer, in Hot Water

By now I am sure we all have heard the news of the killing of one of Zimbabwe's major tourist attraction, Cecil the Lion. And if you have been made aware of his killing, you certainly have been made aware of his killer - a dentist from Minnesota, Walter Palmer.

To Palmer's defense, he claimed he wasn't aware that the lion he hunted was Cecil, a major tourist attraction of Zimbabwe, collared and tracked via GPS by Oxford University. He claims he thought he was participating in a legal hunt.

What is surprising to me is the amount of money paid by Mr. Palmer for this hunt, a whopping $50,000USD!! (insert super surprised face). It is sad that people are legally allowed to hunt and kill these wonderful creatures, and I am saddened that it was by the hands of a dentist - one who's hands are supposed to be used for healing.

Social media is definitely not too fond of him right now as seen here:

His practice though? YIKES!
Source: CNN


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