Because Freakin' Awesome Isn't an official Job Title

My first year of Orthodontics residency is officially over! I have just one more year left before I become an Orthodontist, put on my big girl pants and step out into the working world.
The thought of it is very exciting, and at the same time a bit terrifying. No  longer will I have the shelter and cushion of school and my many professors and teachers there to guide me. It is all so bitter-sweet.

Needless to say, my first year was a bit challenging. Rest assured friends, that Orthodontics is not simply moving teeth around, neither are Orthodontists teeth technicians - as some people like to refer to us as. On the contrary, an Orthodontist's job can be quite arduous - we not only have the job of dealing with various malocclusions and fixing mis-aligned teeth, but we are the thinkers of the profession, the problem solvers, the mystery busters, the wire benders, the craniofiacial or denotofacial orthopedic specialists, the gate keeper to the oral surgeon, the smile perfecters, the confidence boosters, etc etc.

Shortly put, we're "freakin' awesome!"
Through the challenges, I've been enjoying every minute of Orthodontics residency life. I am truly looking forward to being one of the very best Orthodontists around.

Don't forget my referrals! :)


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