It has begun

This week went by too fast! Perhaps that's the effect of  an 8-5 schedule ( I like to call it my full-time job) coupled with many hours of studying for examinations which, by the way, have now begun to snowball - oh joy! (insert sarcasm).  Either way I'm happy to announce that I am thoroughly enjoying Dental School - well maybe not thoroughly...there is this one class that is really grinding my geers (mutters indecencies under my breath) but it's great for the most part.
It's the weekend! yay? not really, mine constitutes studying for two examinations which are on Monday (groans) but at least I don't have to wake up at 6am. Funny how that becomes the highlight of my weekend.

 Happy weekend! Study hard and enjoy for both of us (if u can).


Anonymous said...

It's the sacrifice that you're making Patrice. In time you will look back at this and be glad that sleeping late on Saturday's and studying was the highlight if your weekend. It will pay off for you once you stay on your grind.

Francois said...

Sacrifices are necessary for you to succeed.

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