I know I'm just a freshman but...

I'm thinking about what specialty of Dentistry I should go into, or if I should specialize at all.
For a very long time I have been pretty hooked on Orthodontics (study and treatment of malocclusion aka placement of braces) but recently Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery has peaked my interest. Maybe it's all that Anatomy and dissecting cadavers that I did last semester. Either way it's a very interesting and versatile field where you're constantly tested and it seems like you'd never get bored. Might I add that it's muy muy lucrative! I mean, after 4 yrs of Dental School and 4-6yrs thereafter in residency, I'd say it better be!
See what I'm talking about below. Warning: Graphic Content.

Pretty awesome huh?


Anonymous said...

oh you are back! i got worried for a second there when i came to read your daily blog and the page was no where to be found.

SeƱor T said...

I felt the same anonymous. All weekend I was searching for this blog and couldn't find it. Glad your blog is back up. I look forward to more interesting reads.

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