Roll with the punches

This is how Dental School is sometimes:

knocks the air out of you
It's the end of a very stressful week but just a few hours shy of another. I must have started writing a post about three times this week. Let's just say other much more important duties called.
This past week left me on an emotional high. My week began with taking 2 examinations and the game plan to use the rest of the week to study for 2 huge ones that I have next week (Histology and Physiology).  A day after taking the 2 exams the results for one came out and, I was not pleased. I tend to set really high standards for myself and it takes a toll on me when the standard isn't met. At the same time, my class received an email about retaking the Dental Materials examination that we had last Friday because the class"supposedly" did not perform well. I was pissed, to say the least. For the moment I was mortified because my game plan approach for preparing for next week's examinations were thrown off.
So mid-week, after catching up with all my Histology lectures, I was able to make the mental adjustment and temporarily shift my mental resources and review for Dental Materials, which by the way is probably just as voluminous as Histo. and Physio. Now, the weekend is upon me and my grind for next week continues. Can I catch a break around here?
But, although I was upset about not getting a particular grade on an exam, the re-take, and though my game plan was thrown off, I learned a valuable lesson: Things aren't always going to go as planned but you must have the mental fortitude to suck it up and press on, or as I've found myself saying quite often these days - just roll with the punches.


meddriven said...

Good luck with it all Patrice!

Francois said...

You can do it Patrice, just stay the course.

The Petite Dentista said...

I completely get where this post is coming from. I'm a 2nd year right now and I feel the exact same way. When my grades do not meet my standards, it gets to me emotionally and part of me just loss motivation to hit the books, but uve inspired me to press on :)

Dr. Patrice Smith said...

I'm happy ur inspired. Just keep pressing on! Good luck!

Haley Woods said...

Hello mate nice postt

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