So I've been thinking

The start of Dental school is only 2+ months away - approximately 89 days and I've been thinking, actually I've been worrying (sshhh)
First of all I can't get over the fact that time is going by so quickly-lightning speed! Did I not just get my acceptance letter...yesterday? It's Mid-May and there is still so much to get done in preparation for school. While I'm at it have you:
~ Filed FAFSA?
~ Found an Apartment?
~Found a roommate?
~Secured Scholarships?
~Secured loans?
~Shopped for furniture for your apartment?
~Shopped for school supplies?  This is only to name a few, Phew!

 Moving to a new city is exciting, liberating and... terrifying all at the  same time. You never really know what to expect or how you'll cope.  It's that time when you leave the roost and go out on your own - you become an adult - with responsibilities O_O (O.M.G).
The next thing I wonder is what my classmates will be like. I'm really looking forward to a fulfilling, fun-filled, gratifying and rewarding 4  years. I intend on creating some fond memories, make some wonderful friends and learn some very valuable lessons. However, what if  my expectations are too high? I'm a team player and I beleieve in the saying "Each one reach one" but, what if my classmates turn out to be selfish, cut-throat opportunists? *Sigh...

I'm worrying about all these things but in actuality whatever happens, whatever hand I'm dealt it will be all part of the overall experience. Four years from now I'll be whoever I become because of all these that i now fear. My experiences; good, bad or in-between will make me the great Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) I intend to be.

How about you? What are you thinking?


annie said...

I'm looking forward to hear all your new experience of your new start. You are in another step of your life...amazing; hope you will enjoy, don't nervous, I'm sure you will make it :) pray for you.

Dr. Patrice Smith said...

aww AnniE, Thank you! I'm sure I'll be needing those prayers :)

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