Scholarship Opportunities

We don't have many scholarships to take advantage of. The very few that may be available are in very minimal amounts and are highly competitive! There are some scholarships however, that often go unexplored. Here are a few:
1. National Health Service Corps Scholarship (NHSC)
This scholarship, from the Department of Health and Human Services provides their scholars with full tuition, fees, books, clinical supplies, instruments and other education costs. It also awards the recipient a monthly stipend of $1,326.00. This scholar is required to serve an underprivileged area for the amount of years of support of this scholarship (2 yrs being the minimum).  This is a great opportunity to get help with the cost of professional school. To be eligible you MUST:
                        i. Be a U.S Citizen or National
                       ii. Enrolled or Accepted for Enrollment
                      iii. Pursuing any of the following degrees in an accredited U.S School:
                                  a. Physician: M.D or D.O
                                  b. Dentist: DDS or DMD
                                  c. Family Nurse Practitioner
                                  d. Certified Nurse Mid-Wife
                                  e. Physician Assistant
If you would like to off-set the expenses of a health profession program and are committed to services, this scholarship would be a great opportunity to explore. You may go to the National Health Service Corps Website here for more information on this wonderful opportunity.

2. Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP)
This scholarship is offered by the U.S Navy, U.S Army and the U.S Air Force. This is very similar to the previous scholarship as the Armed Forces covers the full tuition plus a $20,000 sign-on bonus, fees, books, clinical supplies, instruments and other education costs. They all award their scholars with a monthly stipend of approximately $1900.00 . These awards are made with a commitment that after the scholar has graduated, he/she will serve as a commissioned medical department officer in the armed forces - each year of service for each year of scholarship support. To learn more about these scholarship you may visit their websites:

Take advantage of these opportunities! If you are eligible and are committed to serving the under-represented of this country - these scholarships would be ideal.

*Periodically come back for more scholarship opportunities!
*If you are a Dental Student and a Minority, join the Aid for Minority dental Students cause on facebook.
* Don't forget to visit The Stu-DENT Shoppe! Lots of great things for the soon to be Dentistas!!


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