Almighty H2O

Flavored waters like Propel Fit Water, SoBe Life Water nd Vitamin Water may do more than just quench your thirst:
Sipping on these trendy drinks over the course of a day can soften protective tooth enamel and increase sensitivity, say scientists involved in a trial at NYU College of Dentistry. The drinks' acid levels are to blame (not the sugar, as you might think). Brushing the teeth after drinking won't counter the effects, in fact, because softened enamel is more vulnerable to damage, it may weaken teeth even more.
So here's the trick: Wait at least 30 minutes to brush after drinking one of these drinks - that's about how long it takes the enamel to re-harden.
Another smart strategy: Quit the drinks! Make plain water your go-to drink.
(From Good Housekeeping Magazine)


annie said...

thanks Patrice, a very useful hint to our daily life.

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