Spend money. Live miserably: Walmart, that was Easy: Staples!

I have a writ against Staples and Walmart! (well, not really)
Actually I think they should be charged for being inconsiderate. Did I mention I start dental school in a few weeks? Of course I did, story told a million times. So here it is, in the heights of my getting ready for school excitement, Staples and Walmart both simultaneously declare SALE! on back to school items.  Okay no big deal 'tis the season for so-called sales to lur people in to spend what they don't have only to eventually get into trouble later with dear old Uncle Sam. Okay, but then I see the Staples store ad. in my mailbox and I had to do a double, no make that a triple take. 1 cent  file folders, pencils, copy paper, 1 dollar packs of pens, staplers and all the glorious school supplies I'll suddenly need (never mind I'll be in grad school and some of these things are screaming elementary). I decide that for 1 cent and 1 dollar you can never go wrong.
I drive to the nearest Staples and the first thing to greet me are the 1 cent and 1 dollar items which I quickly fill a basket of. Sneaky Staples. These said items were set in a particular way, forming a pathway into aisle #3 that has all the notebooks, post its and all the things that they make appear that you'll need. Oh well, $60.33 cents later I was running out of the store like I had won the lottery. My naivete. I didn't even see the $5 off coupon laying smack on the cover of the ad, as I was so distracted by the number 1 and the cent and dollar symbols placed together all over the page. 

It wasn't too long after that I saw Walmart's ad. boasting 25 cent notebooks, 75 cent  folder refills, $7 sheet sets, $3 towels and all other sorts of ridiculousness. Again, I was sold. And again, drove to the nearest Walmart. So here was the plan; after being blind sided by staples I vowed to never be so distracted again. First stop the stationery aisle - get only what you NEED. That part actually went well this time. Next stop, bedding and... ay caramba! So $126.12 later I was walking out of Walmart asking myself...what the hell just happened? 
So I'm home now and I'm looking at all my "SALE" items (rolls eyes) and I realize, out of the $186.45 spent, I actually need only about $35 of it. Sigh* Screw you Staples and Walmart, for preying on a young girl's heart strings...and pocket.


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