I love new things!

Other times I would be sad to see Monday come so quickly, but not today.
Starting this week and onward I'll be working on revamping, refocusing and channeling my energy to one certain thing, perhaps the most important thing to me - my new life, school and career. I'm forgetting all the drama of the past year and focusing on the future which is bright and beaming! Who's with me?

Speaking of a revamp, have you noticed the changes around here? subtle but noticeable. Notice the "Patrice's Corner" button? Go ahead click on it! When Dental School starts this blog will mostly be about dental stuff, and of my adventures and experiences in dental school, so Patrice's Corner is a way for you to enjoy my site without all the dental mumbo jumbo; it's where you can learn a little more about me. Not only that but you can shop straight from my Corner, get coupons on my favorite things, and even get free stuff!

I'm adding things daily but you can go ahead and check it out now. Don't forget to come back!

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