Sharing some Fireworks

It was blue, red and white day yesterday! aka 4th of July - the day of barbecues, fire works and lots of drinking. It might have been just that for most people - a day to celebrate the Independence of America, but for me there was more to celebrate...
In a way, yesterday also marked my independence. In a matter of 4 weeks I'll be moving away to a new state to be totally on my own. It will be the beginning of my life, the beginning of a new journey, the beginning of a new was also my favorite little cousins 4th birthday - on the 4th of July.

So here's to Independence and new beginnings! Some fireworks for everyone. Enjoy!


Camille Knox said...

The fireworks are awesome! I wish it were longer =)
Wouldn't it be great if there were fireworks for everytime we did did something new?!

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