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I was contacted to introduce these new and affordable loupes from the company Optiloupe.
Optiloupe is based in the UK and is a company that was started by two dentists who found it important to offer an affordable set of loupes that would improve the quality of work.

 More on Optiloupe:

  • We were established by a team of qualified dentists and dental lecturers to provide high quality optics but at more affordable prices - our premium packages meet the standards of our best competitors but cost half as much!
  • We provide tailored solutions based on research and first-hand understanding of what our clients need from their equipment.
  • We offer a further £100 discount for students and VTs. 
  • We are incorporated into the syllabus of several leading universities around the country where we deliver training on posture, ergonomics and magnification and the students have free use of our loupes during these sessions.
  • We have experience catering for dentists, students and hygienists as well as plastic, vascular and cardiac surgeons.
You may contact them at:

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