Jamaica Humanitarian Dental Mission Trip 2013

"Service is the rent we pay for being. It is the very purpose of life and not something you do in your spare time" - Marian Edelman

I had the wonderful opportunity to serve some of the under-served communities in my home country, Jamaica last summer. A group of 6 individuals from my school, Howard University teamed up with individuals from Southern Illinois University to deliver dental care to some remote areas in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Our team included not only dental students, but dental hygienists, pharmacy students and dentists.

We provided care for individuals in the town of Flankers, Cambridge and Kew Park, all located in the Parish of St. James (city: Montego Bay). Our trip lasted approximately 7 days and was filled with lots of hard work, fun, sun, beach, great weather and laughter!

Enjoy a few snapshots of the trip below:

The beautiful Island of Jamaica along with flag
The Howard University Team
Extractions, and more extractions!         

Hard at work: Scaling and Root Planing
Working on the last case of the day with a quick photo-op
                                  Me with one of my very happy patients                                         

Hanging with the kiddies during lunch break
After work hanging out with the wood carvers across the street
Refreshments after work RED STRIPE BEER!
Out to dinner
Night on the town in Ironshore, Montego Bay
Red Stripe beer for the win! After work refreshments
Sun and sand, of course!
Fun in the sun, backflips!
                                Jamaica: beautiful people, sand and beach                                         

Enjoy this slideshow of the Mission Trip. I hope to do it again in 2014!


Unknown said...

Patrice, thanks for sharing. I hope you were able to return as you hoped. I just returned from my second mission trip to Nairobi, Kenya with Global Dental Relief. They do dentistry for children at a free locations around the world I would encourage you to look at them.
I vacation in Jamaica every year and would love to have an impact on the country as more than a tourist. Would you be willing to share with me more details about your mission trip to the country? If so, I can be reached at tuthdrkari@gmail.com. My name is Kari and I'm a pediatric dentist in Ohio. I hope to organize a group of colleagues on a mission trip to Jamaica in the next year or so.

Thanks for your time,

Dr. Patrice Smith said...

check your inbox Kari!

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