Fabrication of Removable Partial Dentures

You may recall my post some time ago about Removable Partial Denture Design. If not you can find it here. Now that the design is complete, it's time to fabricate the denture.

Here's the RPD Design
This, according to the Kennedy classification is a Class II modification II arch.

After an alginate impression is made of the arch from the dentoform, it is then poured up in plaster.
 Though not very visible, the design/outline of the RPD is made on the cast
Wax is placed to block out undercuts

A record base is then made of triad material following the outline that was made on the cast
It is then cured, which makes it hard

Wax is then added to the edentulous spaces until contact is made with the lower arch
Alu-wax is added to articulate the upper arch with the lower arch

upper cast with record base in place along with with alu-wax
to articulate the lower with the upper arch
Lower arch. You can see remnants of the alu-wax where articulation was made

Upper and Lower arches articulated

Front view

Lateral view
The saga continues next week. Stay tuned.


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