Endodontics: Access Opening

We start endodontics this semester. So far we've been learning how to open a tooth and access the root canal. We were also introduced to some of the basic instruments of the trade as well as the type of burs used to access the canal.

Our instrument cassette

All things sharp and pointy

Endo Access Kit
Burs used for accessing root canals

Here are some of the teeth that I've accessed so far. Some are missing since I turned them in for grading.

Open access on a canine

Open acess on pre-molar

Steps to follow for accessing the canal:

  •  High speed hand piece with EAD4 bur to enter through enamel and dentin;
  •  followed by the use of a slow speed hand piece with the EARC4 bur to access the root canal and plane the canal walls.
  •  At this point a broach can be used to remove pulpal tissue. 
  • Using high speed han piece again the EARC4 or even the XGATE can be used to shape the access opening with guidelines for the particular tooth you are working on, eg: triangular outline for a maxillary central incisor or Oval outline for a canine.
Sorry for the crappy photos.


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