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It's Monday! and I'm here again to give you your weekly brain work-out with   
Mental Monday.
I had a pretty relaxed week last week, and not to toot my own horn but I must thank my own Mental Monday post (and my relaxed school/study schedule) for putting me in that frame of mind. Now that it's time for another work/school week let's pick up the pace.

How good is your memory, problem solving skills, flexibility, attention and processing speed? You may have a general idea but how can you really tell for sure? A couple weeks ago I came across a website geared towards improving all those mentioned above, it's called Lumosity. What's on it? GAMES-geared toward enhancing cognition!
It was designed by neuroscientists and game developers; research shows where these games, as simple as they appear, help in ones overall cognition.

I'm a true testament that lumosity works. In just a couple days after visiting lumosity in my down time, I have seen improvement in my memory and Brain Performance Index (BPI). For example, I have to draw teeth for my Occlusion class - it's a way of studying and knowing our teeth's anatomy and morphology. Before starting lumosity I would have to repeatedly refer to my laboratory manual for the dimensions of the teeth, even when drawing the same tooth more than once. After a couple training sessions with lumosity, I was able to draw all my molars, from different views by having only looked at the laboratory manual once.

Lumosity does work and is free for the most part, but you must make an account in order to participate in the exercises. Another good thing about lumosity...there's an app. for it! Check it out on your iPhone or any other smart phone. This way you can train your brain on the go.

Click the link below and find out your brain grade and start a training program to improve your memory and congnition.

Come back and share your progress!


Anonymous said...

Patrice, you're so right, lumosity does work. I tried it a few weeks ago as well, and I find that my attention and processing speed did improve.

Senor T said...

You did it again Patrice. You've touched on a topic - brain grade that is really important. Like yourself and Anonymous, I too recently began playing the games on Lumosity and I was impressed with the growth of my attention span and problem solving skills.

Anonymous said...

I'll have to try this!
And I came here mostly to say thank you for your always thoughful and sweet comments. :)

The Mommy Mambo said...

I'm scared to even try this! What if I get a score like: "results not typical" or "failure to communicate" or "system failure"

...all of which would sum me up apropriately! LOL

Thanks for the sweet comments about my boys Patrice!

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