Being Frugal

Now that we are approaching the end of the first term, it is apparent that for some, not having an adequate sum of money to carry over until the next financial aid disbursement is a reality. I was almost caught in the above situation if it wasn't for a timely intervention. I consider myself to be tight fisted with money. Hence, receiving my first FA disbursement seemed manageable; the first thing I did was to place myself on a strict budget and lived within my means. Nevertheless, despite my frugality, I still found myself 'dipping' into my resources to make up for expenses such as paying more to get my hair done, engaging in a Starbucks moments, indulging in several retail therapies, and the least expected, parking and speeding tickets.
What this has taught me is despite how much I plan there are still unaccounted expenses that I encountered. Now, as I anticipate my new FA disbursement, I am ever more cognizant of the fact that the cost of living differs from the city where I previously resided to the one in which I currently reside. I am also more cognizant of the unanticipated expenses that can pose problems for me if I am not careful. In my planning and budgeting, more emphasis is now being placed on being frugal, and at the same time trying to avoid having to unnecessarily and wastefully spend what I do not have. The worst thing that can happen to any of us is to run out of money before our next disbursement comes around.
As professional students, managing our finances is a necessary skill that we must be good at. As future dentists, medical doctors, or the likes, managing the finances of our practice will not be something that we want to learn on the job, hence the time to do so is now. I'm learning from my mistakes, how about you?


Cate said...

OUr tuition got raised by $1000 AFTER financial aid was dispersed. I think most people had to take out more loans. i think having family support helps a lot, but the downside is I feel guilty spending at times because it's not "my" money.
I do think that you need to treat yourself sometimes; there's nothing wrong with getting a latte a couple times a week or getting a nice haircut. It's definitely hard to budget, but it is an important skill- I always built in money for extra stuff, but every semester have had to ask my parents for more than I thought because of unexpected things.

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