Whirlwind week wrap-up

It's back to school for me next week, which means it's time to pull out my big girl crayons and put on my big girl thinking cap. I'm very excited to start Dental School and finally live part of a dream that I've had for so long. As is the intention of this blog, you will be hearing of my dental school experiences, both inside and out of the classroom.

It was Orientation week at my school, which means it was a free 5 days before hell - literally, and I've been busy trying to know and memorize the names of ALL 80 students (dork! I know...) I must say this week has been a whirlwind of fun, excitement, jitters, boredom and outright tiredness. It was soo. loong! but I've met some very interesting people, some of which I hope to develop friendships and build memories with over the years to come (we'll see). Now that the week  is all behind me I'm looking forward to a weekend of fun and REST, and of course a very productive semester.

On another note, I miss New York, I miss my old life - family and friends. I'll admit I'm a little home sick which probably explains my weight loss, moodiness and why I found myself 40 mins out yesterday on the I-95.  However, as with everything else this is a process and one that will help to build character and  strengthen me in the long run. My best friend likes to refer to it as growing pains, and he is correct. I'm open to all the lessons and perspective I will gain from this experience which I will share on my other blog (Climb.Reach.Achieve).

Just so you know, the courses that will be kicking my butt (*chuckle) this semester includes:
Intro. to Clinic

Wish me luck!


Fickle Cattle said...

Those subjects sound like classes I don't ever want to take.

Good luck though!



Dr. Patrice Smith said...

haha thanks...these courses ain't for everyone my friend.

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