Tuition: A real kick in the rump

Got a little something that would be sure to give me a real kick in the rump if ever I decide to slack off.

This is my tuition and fee schedule for my first year of Dental School. As you can see, the total cost for ONE year is $43,462.00 and that does not include living expenses, which would amount to some figure I have issues saying out loud. 
I have strategically posted this flyer right above my desk where I study. Whenever I need to be reminded of the reason I absolutely cannot afford to let the ball drop, this would sure do the trick, don't you think?
It's my motivation, and will later become my satisfaction when I become Dr. Patrice S., DDS.

Please support my cause "Aid for Minority Dental Students" by donating whatever you can afford to help students like myself combat the alarming cost of Dental School.  


annie said...

It's really cost a lot, do most of the student have to get a part time job? but even have one, they won't have time to do it, right? too many school work?

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