Oral Myiasis

Warning: Graphic Content

Oral myiasis is a rare disease in humans associated with poor oral hygiene, suppurative oral lesions, alcoholism and senility, etc. It's caused by fly larvae! Though sterilized fly larvae is sometimes used to treat stubborn non-healing ulcers (by eating the necrotizing tissue while leaving viable tissue behind), this is not the case here:

A psychiatric (schizophrenic) patient presented to The University of The West Indies Dental School with this problem:

Yes! those are maggots in his palate

Other cases:

Treatment includes surgical exposure of the affected area, physical removal of the maggots and cleansing with either topical or systemic medications and, wound debridement. 
Suture him up, give him some antibiotics and he's as good as new! or close.

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I had to share this. Unbelievable!


Lydia Estrada said...

Hello, I'm Lydia. I find ur blog very cool. I'm studying dentistry, 3rd year in Barcelona, Spain. Today I started doing what u did with the wax. I took some pics for my next entrance in the blog. U did a really good job with that!! ;)

Liz said...

Holy crap! Is this...real??

Lydia Estrada said...

Sorry Liz the comment was in other post... I was wrong... the wax is for the fake denture

Mimi said...

This was pretty gnarly. I saw a similar picture on Facebook and actually googled Mouth Maggots or something like that when I found your page. *shudders*

Dr. Patrice Smith said...

Unfortunately this is very real. Beats me how people allow this to happen.

KPS said...

You usually see this in the severally mentally ill. Anti psychotic medications often cause dry mouth which lead to chronic infections. Coupled with alcohol or drug abuse and poor hygiene it can lead to shockingly rapid disease and decay.

Victor Preston said...

Hello maate great blog post

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