Removable Prosthodontics: Mounting Casts

Last time I posted about Removable Prosthodontics I left off at Occlusal (wax) Rim:

Next step is to mount the maxillary cast.

After the articulator is put together and the condyles, incisal table etc is set at the right angle, the bite fork is wrapped in wax and seats the cast (with record base and wax rim). Mounting ring is screwed in place then it's time to mix, place and shape plaster, giving: 

Lateral View: Notice the notches in the wax, these are placed to hold the maxillary
and mandibular cast in occlusion while being mounted

Frontal View

For the mandibular portion, simply flip the articulator and repeat

Maxillary and mandibular casts mounted. Notches in the wax
 rim filled with aluwax to hold casts in occlusion. ~ Pretty messy

Cleaning up all the mess and making the plaster nice and neat.

Stay tuned setting of teeth! Don't you just love the suspense? 


Liz said...

Oh my, looks so complicated

Dental Daddy said...

Ohhhhhh You guys use the non-arcon articulators... That is going to be hard once you aren't able to separate the maxillary and mandibular pieces of the articulator to festoon your dentures!

I'm excited to see how much FUN you have setting teeth. . .

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