I can see the finish line

From classroom to labs to studying and back again...seems like a never ending cycle until you realize it's almost the end of the semester. Christmas is approaching and I've never been more excited to see it come! More important at this time though are finals.
Only two more weeks remain in the first semester of my D1 year as finals approach. Thankfully at this point I am in good standing with all my classes and need not fret whether I'll pass a class or not.
For the next two weeks I'll be down under preparing to turn the B's into A's and  finish off the first leg of my race correct, and with no regrets.I do look forward to the end of this semester and the beginning of the next. I guess one year from now I'll be saying the same thing until my final semester as a D4; until then, I'll continue to keep my eyes on the finish line.

Wish me luck as I complete this part of my journey!

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Marilyn said...

I wish you the best of luck on all your final examinations Patrice.

Natasha said...

You are going to do great sis! Proud of you:)

claire said...

Good thing you don't have to worry about your grades, so I guess you'd do fine..:D

Goodluck! :)

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