After Earning a Four Year Undergrad Degree...

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After earning a four year undergrad degree, most recent graduates move onto the real world with their biggest concern to be finding a job. You on the other hand, have more years of studying, research and all-nighters ahead for dental school. Before even applying to dental school, there are many action items that you can cross off your list to ensure you end up at the right school that will help you succeed the most.

Narrow Your Choices
Interviewing and applying for dental school starts way before graduation. Because you are still in school and have to commit to your studies as well, it is important to focus your time on one or two dental schools. Applying to multiple dental schools will not only be very time consuming with applications and interviews, but also gets expensive as well.

Make Connections
We've all heard the saying "It takes someone to know someone", and that saying isn't too far from the truth. As you apply to schools, start networking and reaching out to other potential dental students and professors. This not only will help you feel more comfortable with staff and students when you start school, but may also help you get your foot in the door to other opportunities as a dental student. Networking also shows that you are dedicated to this industry and are eager to start your career.

Show Me The Money
Dental school is one pretty penny, especially if you have undergrad to pay for as well. When researching prospective dental schools, look for scholarships( or schools that will fit within your budget.  If you plan on moving away for dental school, remember where to save on other expenses. For example, reach out to other students and find a roommate to cut down on the expense of living.

After all, you are going to school to help improve someone's dental health and smile. So show off those pearly whites! Above all, find a dental school that genuinely makes you happy. Finding a school that best fits your comfort and learning style is most important. Although you have a few tough years ahead, it will all be worth it in the end when you can add DDS or DMD to your name.

Kristen Bradley is a writer for (, a leading online resource and community for all college students.


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