Another Extraction Gone Horribly Wrong

Just today while browsing news articles on the web, I happened upon a very unfortunate incident that occurred very recently in California. Marek Lapinski, a 24 year old male visited the Oral surgeon to have a third molar removed. This seemingly simple procedure ended the life of this young man. Apparently Mr. Lapinski woke up coughing mid procedure and was given the medication propofol. Shortly after receiving the medication Mr. Lapinski stopped breathing. Resucitation was unsuccessful and he was later pronounced dead.

While I, as a dental student who is currently treating patients, understand the many things that can go terribly wrong during dental procedures if all precautions are not taken, it breaks my heart every time there is unfortunate news surrounding dental treatment - and frankly, it is unacceptable! Not all the information surrounding this case is known to the public as of right now So I will pass up any judgement until further investigations and information becomes available.

Until then...

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