Loupes: The Choice For Me

I've tried many loupes from many companies out there. They've all been good, but I've never really found one I wanted to make a commitment to. This summer, while attending the Multicultural Health Summit in Boca Raton, Florida I decided that I was going to finally find and commit to a pair of loupes. This is where I came into contact with representatives from Rose microsolutions comes.

Up until this summer the only thing I really knew about Rose was that they were one of those loupes company that I see at every dental conference. Despite seeing their representatives at many dental  conferences, their products were uncommon to me.

After trying and fitting the loupes from this company, what I found were quality and value for your money. However, the loupes were a tad bit heavier than others that I've tried. Despite taking into consideration the pros and cons of these loupes I decided to commit. The value that I found with these loupes outweighed the minor concerns that I had.

Here are my loupes:


TWO (2) rechargeable battery packs!

What I got for the value of my money:
1 Flip up 2x magnification loupe
1 Power Pack LED Light kit with 2 rechargeable batteries

See their sight here for more info.

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