Setting Maxillary and Mandibular Posterior Teeth

Here goes the setting of the posterior teeth:

Maxillary Left Posteriors Set

Lateral View of Maxillary Left Posteriors
Ignore those gaping holes, I made them for adjusting the 2nd premolar and 1st molar.
Lateral View of Maxillary Right Posteriors

Mandibular Left Posteriors Set
Not complete because of constant adjustment
Mandibular Right Posteriors Set
Again, not complete because of constant adjustment
Complete Maxillary Teeth Set

Complete Mandibular Teeth Set

All done!!
except I have to reinforce and fix the wax around the teeth

More Adjusting...

Stay tuned for the FINAL set up after all adjustments and reinforcements are made.


Dental Daddy said...

Looking good!

I know you are still setting teeth, but from the casual observer (me), it kinda sorta looks like your curve of spee is inversed. Might just be an illusion created by the camera though.

Best of luck, keep up the good posts!

Dr. Patrice Smith said...

The curve of spee is fine. Might just be the angle at which I took the picture.

This is my first one though so I have about 3/4 more set-ups to perfect my imperfections.

Thank you!

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