What To Do With Your Summer Break-ish

RELAX!! need I say more? Unfortunately this will only temporarily help you get over the very hectic semester that just ended but may not necessarily do you any good in the long run if the time off is not used wisely.
Dental schools usually run right through the summer with the exception of a few weeks off which gets shorter and more hectic each year.

Some things you'll find us Dental Students doing during summer breaks are:

  • Research - Summer research is a good way to pursue your interests and learn something new outside of the classroom. They pay decent money, create mentor relationships, potential to publish, opportunities for (paid) travel to research meetings/symposiums and they look good on your CV  
  • Study for the National Boards  - Bah, Humbug! Most 2nd year dental students spend their summer studying for the boards. It's sort of like the rites of passage to clinic.
  • Externships - There are externship opportunities that may be affiliated with your school, or you can go to hospitals or clinics. It's a good way to continue to build on what you've learned in school and learn a few new things as well - step out and see how dentistry is in the real world.
  • Mission Trips - These can be fun! You get an opportunity to go out in the community and offer dental care. Mission trips can be both local (in the US) or international. 
  • Work - $$ chi-ching! By this time in the year most of us are severely strapped for cash or have totally run out. Summer is a good time for temporary positions and a lot of places hire. 
  • Vacation - Or we can simply opt to really get out and relax. If you have the money, this is a good way to get away, not think about anything school related for a while and come back refreshed.        
Whatever you decide to do, use your time wisely!


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