Occlusal Class I

Remember that Class I Occlusal amalgam cavity prep./graded exercise on tooth #30 that i told you about in the last post? (pictured below).

This is how you prepare the tooth for the amalgam restoration

  • 330 bur used to make initial punch cuts in the occlusal fossae
  • Proper outline established
  • Mesial and distal dovetails made and divergent. Slight buccal and Lingual extensions established
  • Depth of 2mm established
  • Pulpal floor made smooth
  • Done! in under 30 mins using just the 330 bur
I did pretty well on it and now I can move on to the next project on hand, a Class I Occluso-Lingual amalgam cavity prep. on tooth #3. yes, indirect, like this (below)

Indirect (using mirror to see maxillary teeth). Just a tad bit more challenging.

The graded exercise for that will be on Wednesday and I'll be practicing for the next couple days in hopes of getting that perfect score. Picture to come after it is graded.

Tooth decay was a perennial national problem that meant a mouthful of silver for patients, and for dentists a pocketful of gold. ~Claudia Wallis


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